Monday, June 13, 2016

Essentials of Essential Oils

Essential Oils have become essential for my family's well being. Our allergies from seasonal to air pollution strike every year at various times during various seasons so I began to study and research WHY essential oils are essential as it was obvious that if we tried them they would become essential to our health and well being. I started with the symptoms and conditions of our bodies and began to read and apply! The first essential oil that I used was peppermint oil on our 8 year old daughter. She was suffering greatly with the transition from Fall to Winter. Her eyes were itchy and those symptoms were accompanied by a stuffy nose. Recess became unbearable at school. While her condition persisted for more than a few days and she would come home from school with swollen, puffy eyes and the aftermath began to cut into her sleep during testing time I decided that was enough. I applied the peppermint oil to her forehead and bridge of her nose with a dab of a cotton tip before bedtime. Her mornings immediately became pleasant with the renewed rest. Shortly after that I added a peppermint candy to her lunch and she was able to participate in recess and her normal outdoor activities.

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